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Welcome to Austin Guitars Liverpool - Your Premier Destination for Expert Guitar Care!

At Austin Guitars Liverpool, we recognise that your guitar is more than just an instrument; it's an extension of your passion and creativity. Regardless of your expertise level – whether you're a seasoned player, an eager beginner, or somewhere in between – we're committed to providing the highest standard of care for your instrument.

Our focus lies in offering thorough services, exacting adjustments, and careful repairs, all aimed at enhancing your enjoyment and performance. We will get your guitar on the bench to determine any necessary work. We will then provide an estimated cost for undertaking the work, at this point you decide whether or not you wish to proceed.


Our Services


String Changes and Tuning

Experience the difference with new strings and accurate tuning. Allow our team to assist you in choosing the perfect strings tailored to your playing style and preferences. Leave the detailed task of restringing and tuning to us, freeing you to concentrate on creating music.


Precision Set-Ups

Maximise your guitar's potential with our precise set-up services. Our technicians will carefully adjust your instrument to improve playability, intonation, and action. Whether you like a smooth touch for solos or a comfortable strumming feel, we customise our set-ups to suit your playing style.


Expert Repairs

From minor adjustments to big transformations, our technicians have the skills to revive your guitar. Whether it's addressing a fractured headstock, a fret causing buzzing, or electronic glitches, we utilise advanced methods and top quality materials to make sure your guitar plays at its best.


Customisations and Upgrades

Personalise your guitar with our customisation and upgrade services. We'll work with you closely to bring your vision to life, from pickups and hardware to unique finishes, enhancing both the sound and look of your instrument.


Why Choose Austin Guitars Liverpool?



Our team comprises experienced guitar technicians who excel in their craft and are dedicated to enhancing the individual qualities of each instrument.


Personalised Service:

We recognise the distinctiveness of every guitarist and take the time to comprehend your preferences and needs. Our tailored approach guarantees that your guitar receives the attention it deserves.


Quality Assurance:

We employ only premium materials and cutting-edge equipment to ensure your guitar is in optimal condition. Your satisfaction and the durability of your instrument are our primary concerns.

Quick Turnaround

We understand the significance of your guitar and aim to deliver swift services while maintaining high quality standards. Our objective is to return your guitar to you promptly.

Experience the difference expert care can make for your instrument by visiting Austin Guitars Liverpool. Whether you're a professional musician, a studio artist, or a casual player, we're committed to ensuring your guitar performs at its peak.

Embark on your musical journey at Austin Guitars Liverpool, where precision meets passion.