About us

 Austin Guitars is a family run business dedicated to the provision of top quality new & used guitars to players of all tastes and levels. 

We are a family. That’s not a cliché, it’s literally the truth. As father and son, we have for many, many years, dreamt about owning our very own guitar shop. And with a lot of hard work and sacrifice, here we are.

But we didn’t want to be like any of the stores we, or maybe you, have frequented – as good as they are in their own ways – we are not about the sale, we are all about the experience. We are the kind of place you can walk into and feel at home. A friendly place, a place where you can not only pick up and try anything you like, but you are actively encouraged to do so, without pressure or intimidation.

That’s who we are. We just want to create for you, what we ourselves want – a place to feel comfortable, doing something you love. That’s Austin Guitars.