Friends of Austin Guitars

Friends of Austin Guitars

At Austin Guitars, we’ve carved a niche as a family-run guitar shop for players of all tastes and levels. With a commitment to delivering top-quality new and used guitars, our business has become a cornerstone for musicians looking for their perfect instrument. We have a special space in our hearts and business for  – the 'Friends of Austin Guitars.'

The Friends of Austin Guitars is a testament to the relationships we've formed over the years between the brand and legendary musicians. Picture iconic bands, the ones that have written famous anthems, still finding their groove within the walls of our guitar shop.

Friends of Austin Guitars is a showcase of the stars who aren't just satisfied customers; they're genuine friends of Austin Guitars. From rock legends to bands with huge hits, the Friends of Austin Guitars paints a vivid picture of the musical talent that gravitates towards our very own shop.

What makes our space truly special is the nostalgia that resonates through it. It's a nod to the old famous bands that continue to trust Austin Guitars with their musical journey. In an industry constantly evolving, this friendship signifies a commitment to quality, service, and the shared love for the art of sound.

Whether you're a seasoned artist or an aspiring musician, join us in celebrating the authenticity of music. Our space is more than a display of all things guitars; it's a living tribute to the friendships formed and shared passions that make Austin Guitars a home for musicians.