It's time to talk about Barnbuskers! But what exactly is Barnbuskers, you ask? Well, think of it as an open invitation to come on down to our shop and jam with us!

Here at Austin Guitars, our belief is rooted in the idea that music is at its best when it's a shared experience. This philosophy is what inspired us to coin the term "Barnbuskers" — a concept aimed at bringing people together for some spontaneous musical magic.

No need to worry about skill level – whether you're a guitar pro or you've just picked up your first pick, everyone is welcome. It's all about creating an inclusive space where the joy of making music takes centre stage.

Every instrument in our shop is an open invitation to explore your musical taste, and Barnbuskers is the perfect opportunity to test-drive that guitar you've been eyeing. Strum, pick, or pluck – the stage is yours. Our team is here not just to sell guitars but to be a part of your musical journey, offering advice, tips, and maybe even learning a thing or two from you!

So, if you're someone who wants to play or try out new guitars in a friendly setting, Barnbuskers is where it's at. Pop down to the shop and join us!