Fender USA Standard Stratocaster inc Fender Hard Case


1990’s Fender USA Stratocaster in nice condition. Comes with Fender Hard Case.

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Product Description

The first of Fender’s famous and long-lived American Standard Stratocasters was introduced in 1987 at the NAMM Convention and was a hit from the start. Fender was now in its post-CBS era, and the company’s new management team was committed to bringing Fender back to its glory days by again producing high-quality affordable instruments. In the 70’s especially, the CBS-owned Fender company suffered from a reputation for producing poorly-made guitars as a result of mass production and poor quality control. Being owned by mega-giant CBS did nothing but encourage the notion that the company only cared about profits. However, with new owners and the new American Standard model introduced, Fender clearly succeeded in time and the company again enjoyed a renewed reputation for producing quality instruments.

The idea of the American Standard Stratocaster was simple – take the best features found on the classic Stratocasters of the past and improve upon the other areas that could use some refinement. Some changes that were made included:

  1. Addition of an extra fret (from 21 to 22),
  2. Pickups with flush polepieces,
  3. Ezy-Glider string retainers and vibrato bridge with two screw mounts for added tuning stability,
  4. More consistent use of alder wood for the body (ash was a heavier and more inconsistent wood),
  5. Use of Biflex truss-rod,
  6. Return of the four-bolt neck mounting (from previous use of three in the 70’s),
  7. Schaller tuners,
  8. A polyurethane finish.

In addition, the bodies were now routed so that any number of pickup configurations could be used rather than just the traditional three single-coils. As the years progressed, further changes were incorporated from TBX tone controls and a new hotter Delta tone pickup system for increased output.

The American Standard Stratocaster changed relatively little during its existence, as Fender’s philosophy was obviously not to mess around too much with a good thing. By the time it came upon year 2000, American Standard Stratocasters were being produced in Fender’s newest Corona, California plant, with more attention to quality and detail being made than ever before.


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