Fender USA Deville 60w Valve Amp


One of the best valve amps out there but this is even better! USA model with the incredible Marshall Celestion G12s.

The Hot Rod DeVille ML amplifier delivers beautiful tube tone with features inspired by instrumental solo artist, world-class sideman, session master and “players’ player” Michael Landau. An influential guitarist known for creating rich, expressive tones, Landau has used Hot Rod DeVille amps on stage for many years, with a special two-amp setup fed by a variety of stomp boxes.

So the mindset between this amp is to provide the ultimate clean tone as a “canvas” for pedals and player dynamics. As a result, the overdrive channel normally present on a Hot Rod DeVille has been removed. Instead, Fender have given it 2 separate volume controls that you can switch between, with the option of an additional footswitchable boost on the 2nd volume. Lush spring reverb and an effects loop are incorporated too.

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