Fender 2 Knob 1993 ‘Dan Smith’ Stratocaster Inc Fender Case


1983 Fender 2 Knob Stratocaster sometimes referred to as 'The Dan Smith Stratocaster' either way this is a genuine and increasingly rare piece of Fender history. The “Freeflyte” bridge works well and and does include the incredibly rare pop in trem arm! Fender hard case is included! The guitar is in great playing condition but it is 36 years old so does have normally playing wear on the body and neck.

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Product Description

Just for the purists! As ever with classic and vintage guitars there may be a number of different camps and opinions on what is and what isn’t. Not more so than when a ‘Dan Smith’ Stratocaster appears on the scene!

I found the comments below on the Internet which you are welcome to agree or disagree with! Either way this guitar remains as a valid piece of Fender history and in my opinion and at least as important is the fact that its a great guitar!

‘In fact the “Version II” was made in the same factory, with the same tooling and machinery, by the same people, during the same era, and under the supervision of Dan Smith. It should be noted that Fender did not force this design on Dan Smith against his will. As director of Marketing at that time Dan himself was directly responsible for the changes and the guitar was indeed his brain child. I would contend that any guitar that fits the above criteria can rightfully be called a “Dan Smith Era” guitar.

Additionaly, these are the same criteria used by “Version I” owners and collectors when they chose the “street designation” of their guitars as the “Dan Smith” model. After all Fender did not give it that name. We did that . Aren’t “Version II” collectors and owners just as justified in street naming their guitars the “Dan Smith Era” model since it carries all the credentials to be called that.

Obviously the cosmetic changes on this guitar offend many Strat purists and I think the bad reviews from from these folks are solely based on cosmetic objections. These objections are most often voiced by those that have seen the guitar but have never owned or played one. They often tend to harp on its down sides and never mention the upsides.’


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